VP of Finance and Communication Leslie Mayo

Leslie Mayo
Leslie Mayo

Leslie Mayo, vice president of finance and communication has been in office for two weeks.

In this position Mayo reviews funding requests and suggests budget adjustments.

Unlike other members of the Associated Student Government, Mayo began as an intern in this position as it was empty due to the resignation of Dustin Boehlke.

Over the summer Mayo will receive her official training for the position by Takhmina Dzhuraeva who was VP of finance and communication a year ago.

“I knew it was going to be hard work and that it would expect a lot of me, but I didn’t know in what sense,” said Mayo.

At this time, she is learning on the job with situations that have arisen. This is under the supervising assistance, guidance and training of Dzhuraeva and Brandon Lueken, staff adviser of the ASG.

Her greatest challenge, Mayo explained, is “not knowing her job completely.” Mayo said it felt restraining to not be able to do certain things without the appropriate training.

She had not really expected these challenges when she was running, “I thought I will get trained first, then get to the job.”

According to Mayo, the upside of this was her getting to know and working with both the old ASG and the new ASG.

“The most exciting thing about my job is probably what people think is the most boring, which is going to meetings, I enjoy going to every meeting we’ve had so far, it’s like a whole new world, I had no idea of any of this and I feel so privileged to be able to experience this,” said Mayo.

Both faculty and students attend meetings where funding and finance are discussed. To Mayo, it is interesting to hear the different perspectives attendees have. “I learn something new every single time I go,” Mayo said.

Mayo is part of the incoming ASG, which have numerous ideas of changes they’d like to see in place when they come into office.

One of their goals is to have club presidents or representatives attend weekly meetings to present and discuss with ASG. This is one of the projects that ASG has already begun. “We have certain people coming in our alliance/committee, that we’ve started. We hope to continue that and just working hard with them to see what we can do,” stated Mayo.

In her own words, Mayo has always been a people person, and very friendly, however she was never involved in programs and activities at school. Her younger sister has always been the opposite, being involved in clubs and sports. This inspired Mayo to have a go at being an active member of campus.  “Last year when I started spring quarter of 2012, I said ‘One of the biggest differences I’m going to make in my life is getting involved in school this year.’” It started with Camp Casey last year, and went far beyond her expectations.

“I thank God a lot for every experience here at BC, and of course Bellevue College, the faculty, students and administration have all been very supportive,” said Mayo while encouraging students to get involved as it gives “a whole new perceptive and it makes you become a better person for everyone.”


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