Talking Heads:

What’s your major and what drew you to that subject?

Talking heads
Coral Harder
Coral Harder: “Currently exploring my options and taking my time.”


Grace LaMonte
Grace LaMonte: “Political science and journalism. I really love analyzing the works of our government and society.”


Ian Foreman
Ian Foreman: “Not sure what my major is yet, I just want to take some different classes to see what I like.”


Lucas Kutsick
Lucas Kutsick: “Criminal justice because I want to make an impact on the community by helping to improve peoples lives.”


Mahina Ua'a
Mahina Ua’a: “Art because I want to incorporate creativity into my career.”


Toluwani Oluwana-Tofehinti
Toluwani Oluwa-Tofehinti: “I’m thinking about biology because I want to go into the pre-med field.”


William Recinos
William Recinos: “Engineering has been a great interest of mine since I was young. I love figuring out how things work.”


Hayley Carter
Hayley Carter: “Computer science because I find coding to be fun and engaging. Plus, the salaries are awesome.”


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