NSA has seen your nudes



If you aren’t convinced that the NSA is full of scumbags already, Edward Snowden has released something that is bound to change your mind. Not only do they spend their days listening in on our conversations and phone calls, but now, as they are reading through our text messages, they are also sharing inappropriate, nude photos that they come across. The nude photos are being found in messages that they are snooping through, and obviously photos which they have no right to.
According to Snowden, here’s how it works. One guy finds this picture, of an attractive girl, who happens to be nude, and shows it to his coworker. His coworker agrees that it’s a nice picture and promptly sends it down to his buddy on the other side of the office. From there, the train continues.

Personally, this is one of the most disgusting stories I’ve ever heard. Nude photos in general are a dangerous subject to me. Sending intimate photos to somebody isn’t as simple as pressing a “send” button. What happens if that person later decides to post them all over the Internet  or sends them to friends? Sending nude photos always has the danger of it going viral somewhere you don’t want it to be seen, but now you have to worry about the NSA and the government seeing it as well.

Snowden claims that these men “ogle” over the photos before they even show them to their coworkers, which makes it even more disgusting. It’s amazing to me that people will risk their lives to live in this country because of the morals that it’s based on and every day we see that those morals are nothing but words.
Living in this country is becoming more and more of an agreement to openly allowing yourself  to be violated. We allow the government to listen to our phone calls, to see what we’re talking about with our family, and what sort of intimate things we are sharing with our spouses. Never has that ever been something that should concern the government.

In a way, I think that knowing this information will help a lot of people. It’s amazing how many young girls get themselves into a world of hurt because of a picture of themselves that they send to a stupid, teenage boy. Knowing that even the government is seeing these pictures should at least put into perspective how safe you need to be.

When it comes down to it, we can’t trust the people whom we are supposed to trust; government officials. The fact that we can’t even send personal content to our significant others anymore without being spied on every step of the way truly is disgusting. Just remember, don’t text or send intimate photos unless you want them to be seen by your government.

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