Hate Flyers Found on BC Campus

stop the hate

Flyers promoting prejudice and white nationalism have begun appearing across campuses in the greater Seattle Metro area, and as of late Bellevue College is the most recent discovery. On March 13, a flyer promoting white nationalism was discovered by a student on the main campus on one of the student message boards. The flyer was removed and reported to student services.

Executive Assistant and Board Secretary Lisa Corcoran released an email to the student body on behalf of Dr. Ata Karim, Vice President of Student Affairs, notifying students of the discovery. “Bellevue College is committed to keeping the college community informed of bias and hate incidents in a timely fashion without compromising investigative efforts,” said Corcoran in the email, “As a community, we must continue to work to ensure Bellevue College is a safe and welcoming place, and to make sure we honor our commitment to foster an environment of inclusion.”

More flyers were later discovered on March 31 and another email was released to Bellevue College associates and students by Sayumi Irey. “Our campus will not tolerate racism, discrimination, or the intimidation of any group on campus,” Irey said in her email, “Continuing to refine our understanding of others, how we can support each other through these challenging times, and how we can create a campus that welcomes all is our ongoing work.”

At the suggestion of David Spataro, professor of political science at Bellevue College, the campus will host to town hall style meeting on Friday, April 7 at 3:30 pm in D106, the Library Event Center with Dr. Jill Wakefield and Vice President Russ Beard where students are invited to present their concerns and continue conversation of what the next steps may be.

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