Rewarding experience with The Watchdog

August 7, 2012 0

English classes typically taught me to focus my writing on the body paragraphs and leave the afterthoughts to the introduction and conclusion, yet no matter how hard I’ve attempted to practice this concept, I can never successfully write an article […]

Fall quarter fever: What to know about registering

August 7, 2012 0

Whether it’s your first, fifth or even your last quarter at BC, registration is a process that may be a bit intimidating but is really something that needs to be addressed in a timely manner. The fun aspect of registration […]

Summer treats: Where to get your sugar fix

July 31, 2012 0

While dressed in summer attire and craving refreshing treats, BC is in an ideal area surrounded by locations ready to serve much-needed icy snacks. BC Café Located in the C Building on the first floor is a café with a […]

A romantic summer in Bellevue

July 24, 2012 0

Derived from the French name meaning “beautiful view,” Bellevue is full of unlimited romantic opportunities this summer. This upcoming weekend from July 27-29, Bellevue will be hosting not one, not two, but three fairs in the downtown area. Bellevue Festival […]

Fun new drugs, unknown and deadly consequences

July 24, 2012 0

With the recent revelation in the Miami cannibal case, it was discovered that Rudy Eugene, believed to be under the influence of bath salts, actually did not have any type of synthetic compounds in his body besides marijuana. Despite this […]

Bag ban in Seattle

July 17, 2012 0

On July 1 of this year, the city of Seattle officially banned plastic bags.  In lieu of plastic bags, stores will be charging five cents per paper bag and will be encouraging customers to use reusable bags. According to the […]

Conservative spending made easy

July 10, 2012 0

Food, entertainment and parties are dominating college student expenses and overtime will be costly. You don’t have to completely refrain from spending on nonessential items to save big bucks. Instead, consider the alternative ways to decrease both living expenses and […]

Roommate dilemma: Finding a perfect roommate

July 10, 2012 0

When it’s time for you to finally take flight away from under the wings of your parents and into a university environment, you’ll encounter something I like to call the roommate dilemma. Ah yes, figuring out that one friend or […]

Goodbye textbooks, hello cash

July 3, 2012 0

Whether a textbook appeared on the required books list and ended up never being used, or you slept with it under your pillow, there are many occasions in which a textbook is no longer useful after the completion of classes. […]

Same parking rates year round?

July 3, 2012 0

Bellevue College once had the luxury of offering free parking to all students and faculty. After all, we pay enough as it is for tuition, textbooks and other college expenses. It costs $65 for everyday parking a quarter and for […]

The much deserved summer break

June 5, 2012 0

After studying until the a.m. and getting through finals, it is time for the much deserved summer break. As soon as school is out, reward yourself, whether you enjoy the company of your friends, family or maybe just yourself. Tons […]

Being paid 100k to dropout won’t make you a millionaire

May 29, 2012 0

With the cost of higher education rising nearly twenty-five percent in the past thirty years, students are burdened with an average debt of $25,000 upon graduation. However, the oh-so-confident Peter Thiel, PayPal co-founder, is now encouraging students to be innovators […]

Be healthy, be inspired

May 22, 2012 0

It’s spring and because of the warmer weather, you have just been invited to a pool party. However, when it’s time to reveal your swimsuit body, you may be a bit disappointed if throughout the fall and winter, exercise and […]

What the hell is YOLO?

May 22, 2012 0

It’s a Sunday night, and you receive a text from your friend to skip studying and go out and act wild. You politely decline, but then your friend replies, “There’s so much fun to have tonight… #YOLO.” Your friend is […]

Say hello to the WeCar!

May 15, 2012 0

Approximately two weeks ago, the first ever WeCar in Washington was introduced to a college campus. That college campus is BC. Resting on the first floor of the parking garage and in lot 14 are a Kia Soul and a […]

Different roommates you may encounter

May 15, 2012 0

One of the most significant changes from BC to a four-year university will be the campus housing. If you have never had a roommate before, this could either be a blessing or a nightmare. While some colleges offer a form […]

The pro and con of transfering

May 15, 2012 0

After two years of asking your professor to “Wait, wait, don’t go to the next slide yet,” and “Wow, I never really needed to use my textbook this whole quarter,” both your educational and social life will be altered for […]

Camp Casey: a transformational experience

May 8, 2012 0

Ten years ago, ten excited individuals had the opportunity to travel to Whidbey Island under the guidance of Assistant Dean of Student Programs, Faisal Jaswal, to embark on an adventure that would not only provide an excellent learning opportunity but […]

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