Concerned Students Council

The Concerned Students Council is a new club that aims to give students a place to bring complaints and problems about …


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Nazis living in the USA

Recently, several Nazis were discovered living in America during an Associated Press investigation. They were found across the country from the state of Ohio and to Arizona. According to an AP article, “Among those receiving benefits were armed SS troops who guarded the network of Nazi camps where …

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“From the Chamber” music department concert

The music department put on their annual “From the Chamber” concert last Tuesday, Nov. 18. The …



Women’s basketball freshman take big responsibilities

Last season the women’s Basketball team took first in their league. This year the team looks to open up the season strong and  defend their title. Sophomore Hunter Hopkins stated “We lost eight sophomores from last year and only had three healthy returning sophomores.” The team this season is …

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Child prodigies

Our Facebook news feeds tend to tailor – loosely – to our interests, as interpreted by the site itself. We see the most relevant posts our friends make, and have advertisements scattered around, aiming to seek our attention. Amongst these posts and advertisements, we often see trending topics, reposted posts, shared items that a handful [...]

New No Wrong Door Initiative

The student affairs division is implementing a new set of customer service standards, meant to be fully active by the beginning of next school year.  This initiative is called “No Wrong Door,” because the idea is that no matter where a student or faculty member connects with the student affairs division, they will get where [...]

Public transportation in Seattle versus Europe

A few months ago, I traveled to Vienna to see my family. While I was there, I used the public transportation system and made observations of the other modes of transportation that are used in the city and  compared them to the various modes of transportation that we have here in Seattle. In my opinion, [...]

Comedy and extortion in “Horrible Bosses 2”

Three years ago on July 8, Director Seth Gorbon and producers Jay Stern and Brett Ratner released Horrible Bosses. The movie stared Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis and Charlie Day. It centers on the trio’s lives and their awful bosses. Bateman plays Nick Hendricks, who works as an executive for a financial firm. Nick has been [...]

Hot new Black Friday deals available this season

After a night devoted to being thankful for what you have, the friends and family around you, and being in good health, it is American tradition to trample store employees and other human beings for good deals. Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year, and some deals are worth going for while [...]