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Study abroad in Florence

  In spring 2015, from April 2 to June 12, students …



Madden 15 honors LOB

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Washington dispensaries open

A historical milestone was recently passed when marijuana stores opened up in Washington. Instead of being a joyous occasion, however, legal marijuana in Washington only serves to demonstrate just how backwards the state can get when trying to solve problems. The sticking point here is the price. Normal street prices for marijuana buds range between [...]

BC RideMatch offers incentives to carpoolers

BC RideMatch is a coordinating website that helps students, faculty and staff get in touch with others in their area looking to carpool to campus. The site can help organize carpools, vanpools and group bike rides. The group bike rides, which are less common than the former options, are something the Office of Sustainability is [...]

Injustice: Gods Among Us

With “Injustice: Gods Among Us”, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has produced a game that every childhood comic book fan was dreaming of: seeing some of DC Comics’ most iconic superheroes and villains beat each other up. While it may seem childish to enjoy Superman and Batman beat each other up, and it is, the hard [...]

Intergalactic endeavors and secret lives of stars

On July 1, the Willard Greer Planetarium hosted a show outside of its normal schedule, showing the programs “Stars” and “The Secret Lives of Stars,” two shows about stars, how they came into being and the physics and history surrounding them. The guide, Pat Beatie, a long-time amateur astronomer, was in charge of the show [...]

Hitchhiking in the U.S.

You stick your thumb up and point to the road in the direction you seek to go. Hitchhiking is harmless, right? The simple act of asking for a lift is illegal under some circumstances, notably in the United States. Hitchhiking around Europe is quite a bit more laid back. Hitchhiking to free-spirited festivals in the [...]