College affordability and sexual assault prevention

    On August 7, 2014, two members of the …



Malaysia Airlines struggles over 2014

    On July 17, a Malaysia Airline …

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ACSA presents “Days and Nights”

    The Arabic Culture Student Association …


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Mariner’s “buyers” at trade deadline

    With the Seattle Mariners being a …

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Ebola causes scare

The recent Ebola outbreak in West Africa has elicited some reactive fear here in America. The first cases were reported in Guinea in March, later cases were reported in Liberia and Sierra Leone. As of August 1, there have been 1,603 cases and 887 deaths. This current outbreak has become the most widespread and fatal [...]

LGBTQ Hold It Day

Every era has its movement for social justice. In the 1910s, it was the movement for women’s suffrage; in the 1960s, it was the African American civil rights movement. Now the focus is on the LBGTQ community. While every group deserves social justice, there are good ways and bad ways to reach the goal. Gay [...]

Social media campaigns

Community awareness of issues is a no-brainer when it comes to getting things done. If nobody understands what is going on, no change can possibly come. However, in this day and age, with the Internet and all our technology, people are losing sight of how to actually improve the world around them. Social media campaigns [...]

Where is the S&A fee going?

The 2014 – 2015 Services and Activities budget exceeded two million dollars cashing in at precisely $2,075,000. This money is distributed amongst various student programs including the Associated Student Government, cultural programs, sports and outreach among many others, 63 programs in total. The budget saw a $200,000 increase from last year, a $500,000 increase from [...]

Final smashes in Super Smash Bros. Brawl

“Super Smash Bros. Brawl.” the third installment of the Super Smash Bros. franchise, was released on March 9, 2008. On opening day it sold nearly 875,000 copies, and within the first week over 1.4 million copies were sold, making “Brawl” the fastest-selling game in Nintendo’s history.  “Brawl” built upon the two previous games, with 36 [...]