JKC Scholarship offers $40k

The Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship is a private organization …



North Korea’s bizarre leadership

It seems the only way to appreciate North Korea is with a …

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DRC Disability Postcard Project and beyond

  The Bellevue College Disability Resource Center …



Soccer teams gearing up for end of season

Even though fall quarter may be only halfway through, the BC …

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Infectious Ebola conspiracy theories

Seven months ago, the World Health Organization announced the daunting exponential growth of the Ebola virus disease in African countries: Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea. Since then, 8,997 cases have been confirmed and more than 50 percent of those patients have died. Although most of these incidents are reported from the three aforementioned countries, the [...]

College Issues Day

Each quarter Bellevue College has a day dedicated to special seminars and talks from guest speakers for teachers and staff members, called College Issues Day. During this day, teachers are able to go and learn about how to handle various scenarios that could potentially happen in the classroom or on campus. This year College Issues [...]

Is Norse mythology best mythology?

Among the many myths and legends I have learned about, the Norse creation myth is the most bold and exciting origin story I have ever come across. The ancient Norse believed in a realm larger than the cosmos scientists imagine today. Muspelheim, the land of fire, was above and below Niflheim, the land of ice. [...]

HeForShe campaign for gender equality

A couple weeks ago, the hashtag #HeforShe was trending on Twitter. After attending Brown University and receiving a bachelor’s degree in English literature, Emma Watson, actress in the famous Harry Potter series was appointed to be the United Nations goodwill ambassador for U.N. women. Through the United Nations, Watson launched the HeforShe campaign on Sept. [...]

Students petition for accessibility

Students with disabilities are currently petitioning to for better accessibility to the cafeteria. Steve Ferreira, a student and employee of Bellevue College, wrote a statement accompanying the petition. He said the cafeteria “is not very accessible for people who have difficulties walking and use a wheelchair. This is counter to the commitment that Bellevue College [...]