Students lobby in D.C.

Four students traveled to Washington, D.C. with Bellevue …



Prez.Obama:The “coolest” celeb of them all

  Those who don’t live under a rock are well aware …

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Learn to identify plants and earn college credit

Michael Hanson is teaching Botany 113 this spring, and has …



The athletic programs in Bellevue College

Bellevue College’s athletic program has 10 different …

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Campus wide wage increases

Efforts are currently under way to implement a campus wide minimum wage of $10.75. This would not apply to temporary employees such as one-time event workers. Simultaneously, the next generation of the Associated Student Government will see a $1 increase in their hourly salary, bringing their wages to $13 an hour. There is hope that [...]

BC’s Speech and Debate Society

On Saturday, March 8 through March 9 Bellevue College’s very own speech and debate society competed against some of the Northwest’s best debaters in the Northwest Parliamentary Debate Championships. The debates ranged from novice and Junior Varsity to first and second year divisions. “Recognizing excellence among young debaters,” the UW Bothell campus took in 16 [...]

Letter to the Editor: Duke Porn star

Actual grown adults and college educated students of Duke University grabbed their pitchforks last month when they discovered that Belle Knox, an 18-year-old college freshman, had been performing in pornographic films in order to pay for her law degree. “I saw a way to graduate from my dream school free of debt,” explained Knox before [...]

Friends with fears

Too many times I have sat back and watched people I care about, my friends, become victims. Victims of some shitty-ass, dysfunctional,  social situations between family, friends, partners and in some cases, themselves. May it be emotional or phyiscal pain they endure, it is tough for all parties involved. There is that old saying in [...]

A taste of Italy in downtown Seattle

Barolo, located in downtown Seattle on 1940 Westlake Avenue, serves up a spicy mix of romantic, modern and traditional Italian food in an upscale atmosphere. The restaurant has an Italian vibe with lots of beautifully-hung chandeliers and gorgeous dripped candles. The food is amazing. Every note of my Tuna Tartare was expressed as I indulged [...]