BC baccalaureates top median wage chart

According to the Washington state Education Research and Data Center, Bellevue College students who graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in 2012 - 2013 have the highest median wage in the state of Washington. One of the reasons …


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Racist folk in Texas neighborhood under fire

In post-Ferguson America, where every angry cop garners the attention of cameras, McKinney Texas becomes the site of yet another example of seemingly racially influenced police brutality. As many already know, a video has been spreading through the media depicting Eric Casebolt, a white McKinney …

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Study abroad opportunity in Berlin next year

Bellevue College is offering a study abroad opportunity spring quarter of 2016. Selected students will spend 11 weeks in Berlin and enroll in 15 credits to include the mandatory German Life and Culture course. While …


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BC’s cheer squad hires new gymnastics coach from Redmond

Adam Yaw is the new leading force behind the Bellevue College cheer team. Yaw previously coached at the Emerald City Gymnastics Academy in Redmond prior to joining the college’s team, which is also where the squad will be doing some of their practices. Yaw also participated in cheer himself while in …

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DMA 295: Stop Frame & Mixed Media Animation

In the summer of 2015, Bellevue College will offer a new digital media arts course called “Stop Frame & Mixed Media Animation,” DMA 295. The class is a 5-credit fine arts class and will be held from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays. To register, students will need to have had a […]

Turmeric: Super spice or common cooking herb?

Turmeric is a commonly used spice, most notably in Indian cuisine. Its bright golden color led it to become a popular dye for food as well as other crafts and hobbies. Not only is its use prevalent in modern times, but even dating back nearly 4,000 years ago where it was used primarily in Southeast […]

Soapbox: Patriot Act in libraries

Signed into law in the post-911 blindness which ravaged our nation, the Patriot Act is consistently found to incorporate new and unexpected transgressions of constitutional law. Among the most appalling findings came after four Connecticut librarians sued the American government over its collection of patron records—records of who checked out which books—and its subsequent placement […]

Skate King will close after 40 years

After nearly 41 years of business, Skate King will close its doors indefinitely. Until June 30, the public skating rink will remain open during regular business hours, with free entry for visitors and a $5 admission and quad rental fee for those who want to skate. Skate King General Manager Michael Louis has worked there […]

Melissa McCarthy spoofs James Bond in “Spy”

Just in time for summer, Hollywood gave us a movie with humor, action and a five-star cast. Besides the wonderful Melissa McCarthy, who was as funny as ever, it was great to see Jason Statham take on a new role and break the mold of the characters he usually plays. Rather than another crime-fighting name-taking […]

BC-WSU partnership

According to the Bellevue College website, 60 percent of the students at BC come from outside of Bellevue. Washington State University approached Bellevue College about six months ago with the idea of partnering to find some common ground in serving WSU’s and BC’s students. “Two groups from each school were put together just to have […]

Helping Hands for the homeless

From June 1 – 13, the Bellevue College Helping Hands Club is hosting a bed and bedding drive, an event that aims to help the homeless by providing them with beds and bedding materials. The club is looking to Bellevue College to participate in the drive and donate materials. BC Helping Hands will be donating […]