Vote Goat promotes registration

On April 14 and 15, a goat roamed the Bellevue College campus, attracting students and faculty to register to vote. The Vote Goat was brought on campus to promote voter registration by the Office of …


Generalization and privilege go hand in hand

Is it ever acceptable to look at a someone and make judgments about who they are and what their life has been like based on superficial characteristics like gender, sexual orientation or skin color? Privilege is a hot-button word these days. White privilege, straight privilege, cis privilege, there’s always someone who’s quick to throw out the term privilege. White …

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BC MUN returns from New York

March 29 to April 2, Bellevue College’s Model United Nations program went to New York to participate in the competitive National Model United Nations Conference B. The conference simulates a United Nations …

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Preliminary study confirms viability of dorms

In October, Bellevue College hired a consultant to conduct a feasibility test, which confirmed the viability of completing BC’s first dormitory by fall 2018. With the newly gained information, VP of Institutional Advancement Ray White and many other project leaders will plan their next steps. A feasibility test is a preliminary study that is conducted […]

Guitarist Kaki King says “The neck is a bridge to the body”

Text, light paintings and music collide and perform to an acoustic-electro flow. Kaki King’s “The Neck is Bridge to the Body,” a multi-media project that provokes video, light, music and the art of communication to come together, telling the story of the guitar, is far more than just an acoustic concert. Kaki King described it […]

John Green’s “Paper Towns”

Indiana resident John Green has earned his fair share of bestsellers, medals and other literary awards.   Green’s notable fan base is now eagerly awaiting the release of “Paper Towns,” which is due to hit theaters this summer, on July 24. The book was first published in 2008, and is pretty easy to access from the […]

Student trustee to represent BC

The BC Board of Trustees is looking for applicants for the student trustee position for the next school year. The student trustee serves on the Board of Trustees, which is the governing body for the college, and is appointed by the state governor. Brandon Lueken is Bellevue College’s Student Program Coordinator, and he helps select […]

STEM programs should not expand to include art and reading

Almost a year ago, Huffington Post published an article that said the STEM program should be changed to the STREAM program. STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. The updated STEM program would add Reading and Art, turning it into STREAM. According to writer Rob Furman, the STEM program is ready for […]