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TRiO ceremony commemorates student excellence

The annual Bellevue College TRiO Awards Ceremony was held at 1:30 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 18 in N201.  Director of TRiO Student Support …


Man throwing rocks shot and killed in Pasco

On Feb. 10, 35-year-old Antonio Zambrano-Montes was shot and killed in Pasco, WA. Local police were called to the scene after Zambrano-Montes was reported to have been throwing rocks at cars in front of Fiesta Foods. The unwarranted response to Zambrano-Montes by local police was caught on camera and has gone viral on the Internet. Zambrano-Montes is shown running from the police but then swinging his hands up in compliance only seconds before police fired as many as 13 rounds. According to …

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Students explore opportunities with local universities at the 2015 winter transfer fair

The quarterly transfer fair was hosted in the Bellevue College cafeteria Tuesday, Feb 17. Representatives from universities both in and out of state were …



Bulldog’s Championship bid in peril

Bellevue College’s women’s basketball team lost 54-70 against the Peninsula Pirates Sunday, Feb. 23 during a home …

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Chi Alpha Christian club

Chi Alpha is a national Christian fellowship with the mission of reconciling college students with Christianity. It is open to all students of any race, religion or sexual orientation. It has over 300 chapters in different colleges and universities all over the country. Most meetings begin with members of the club introducing themselves and their [...]

AMC airs “Breaking Bad” spinoff “Better Call Saul”

“Breaking Bad” was one of the most renowned shows on cable television. Through five seasons the producer and creator Vince Gilligan spun a tale of desperation and power that was often as hilarious as it was brutal, a spectacle worthy of consumption that received due adoration from viewers. Recently, an spinoff of the series made [...]

Adnan Syed from “Serial” will appeal

Despite having no physical DNA linking him to this crime, Adnan Syed is serving a sentence of life in prison for the murder of his ex-girlfriend. Hae Min Lee disappeared on Jan. 13, 1999 and was dead by 2:36 p.m. that day. On June 6, 1999, Syed was sentenced to life, plus 30 years for [...]

#askhermore movement pushes interviewers to be more creative

  For the American public, watching an awards show of any sort is a pastime. For days after the event, what celebrities wore what and who made the dress is the topic of many conversations and online buzz. This year, though, I’m glad to see that a new trend called #askhermore is making its appearance. [...]

Chapel Hill, North Carolina shooting

On Feb. 10, 2015, in the city of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, there was a shooting. The alleged attacker, Craig Hicks, is charged with killing three young Muslim students. Deah, Deah’s wife Yusor, and Yusor’s younger sister Razan, execution style. A lot of major news outlets have been putting out stories on this, and it’s [...]