Running start

Redirecting funds for Running Start

Running Start is a program in Washington that allows high school juniors and seniors the option to take courses at the local community college. Through Running Start, students are able to receive both high school and college credit for their classes and ultimately complete higher education …


(Official White House photo by Pete Souza)

Exposure vs. Safe Space

In a recent town hall event in Des Moines, Iowa, President Obama took a shot that the trend of overt political correctness sweeping the nation. With speakers of every color and creed being banned from campuses in fear that someone’s feelings will be hurt, it’s truly fantastic to see the President …

Arts & Features

An OSLA representative showing a student how to register to vote.

First Three Days: Guidance from Peer-to-Peer

During the first week of the Quarter, student employees and volunteers were present at booths around campus offering information about the campus to new students. Members of the Office of Student Legislative Affairs were also registering students to vote, …

The Edge

Courtesy BagoGames

The superbowl of online gaming

Coming up on Oct. 1, the first round of the fifth annual League of Legends World Championship tournament airs live from Le Dock Pullman in Paris, France. Five years in the running, the LoL World Championship has taken place in such venues as the Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA and the Sangam …

Featured Articles

Judge people according to character, not clothing or body art

Picture yourself walking down a bustling street in the heart of the colorful city. A cafe, its open doors adorned with hanging vines, catches your eye. You stroll in, notice two baristas chatting behind the counter, and invite yourself take a look around. The products look appetizing, the drinks posted on the menu sound warm […]

Raising funds for Ghana

The BC Nursing Students Association is hosting a rummage sale on campus in September to raise funds for Ashan Community Hospital in the city of Kumasi, Ghana. With the help of the rummage sale and other upcoming events, the NSA hopes to raise enough money to meet an agreement they have made with the hospital […]

Seafair honors men and women who serve

From July 29 to August 2, U.S. Navy and Coast Guard ships were moored along the Seattle Waterfront and anchored in Pier 66 and 69 for Seattleites and tourists to enjoy during the annual Seafair Fleet Week. Free to the public, spectators had a chance to observe the U.S. ships come into the harbor, speak […]

Kayaking endeavor with the BC Wellness Center

On July 29, Bellevue College’s Wellness Center Program offered a tandem sea kayaking event from 4 to 6 p.m. Students and faculty met at the Northwest Outdoor Center. Paddlers were asked to bring weather dependent clothing, water and a snack, sunscreen and a camera for personal use. Dry bags were provided for on boat storage. […]

Assisting BC’s disabled community

July 26 marked the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act. The act was put into law in 1990 and went into effect in 1992, during George H.W. Bush’s presidency. Some of the disabilities addressed by this law include mental illnesses, cancer, muscular dystrophy, blindness and attention deficit disorder. As described by the Disability […]

Campus Activity Board expands operations

Student Programs is home to more than 60 permanent programs and many clubs. The Campus Activity Board is a long standing program that in the past has primarily existed to assist other programs and clubs in advertising their events. This is achieved through creating and certifying posters for display on bulletin boards around campus and […]

“Do all lives matter?”

On July 29, a town hall was held in N201 to discuss the Black Lives Matter movement. Two professors, Derrick Brooms from the University of Louisville and Darryl Brice from Highline Community College presented a PowerPoint titled “Do all lives matter?” Brooms opened by saying, “What I want to kind of share with you and […]